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Wild Roots

Where sustainability and plant love intertwine in a chalet of natural wonders

Wild Roots is a charming chalet that stands out as a haven for plant enthusiasts. As a specialty shop, the focus is on house plants, succulent arrangements, and other naturally inspired designs. What sets Wild Roots apart is their commitment to sustainability and creativity. They offer a wide variety of plants and succulents, each uniquely presented in up-cycled pots and other thoughtfully crafted creations. In just their first year of operation, they have already made a name for themself. Kate, with her keen eye for up-cycling forgotten treasures, and Victoria, driven by her deep-rooted love for plants and sustainability, have come together to create Wild Roots. Their ultimate goal is to assist our customers in developing a genuine love for plants.

"We firmly believe that everyone can discover a plant

that resonates with them and brings joy into their lives."

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Kate works full time as a nurse. Her favorite hobby is collecting for unique creations. The collecting began when the mother of two and her now adult children, would collect rocks on family experiences. Now, as a grandmother, she and her granddaughter Brooke take every opportunity to continue the quest.


Victoria grew up in Glenside gardening with her mother. Her green thumb continued to blossom with houseplants! Victoria recently left her full time job to start running Wild Roots. When not working on her plants, Victoria loves cuddling her dogs and teaching her boyfriend’s daughter about gardening. Together, they make Wild Roots.

Their favorite thing to sell: "Our favorite is the succulent tea cups! Bring a vintage cup in for us to pot a plant in!"

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