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The Peoples Cider Co.

Artisanal cider masters

The Peoples Cider Co, a small batch cider maker based out of Grand Rapids, is set to make their debut at Western Market this year with their first-ever chalet. With a philosophy of low intervention cider making, they pride themselves on producing ciders without any added sugars or sulfites. From traditional ciders to hard ciders and apple wine, The Peoples Cider Co offers a diverse range of products. What started as a passion for home cider making 11 years ago has blossomed into a semi-successful business today. Their natural dry ciders and unique whole fruit infusions set them apart in the cider marketplace. As an independent, small family business, they pour their hearts into creating a quality product and welcoming spaces for their customers. The Peoples Cider Co eagerly anticipates the opportunity to earn your patronage at their chalet in Western Market.

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Meet Jason and Katie, the husband and wife owners of The Peoples Cider Co. They are not only passionate about crafting artisanal cider but also dedicated parents to two amazing boys, proud dog owners, and novice boaters. For the past six years, they have been selling their cider at the Muskegon Farmers Market. However, the allure of the Chalets has always intrigued them, and they couldn't resist the idea of opening Michigan's Smallest Bar in one of them. Despite the legal challenges, Jason and Katie took a leap of faith to create a unique drinking experience this summer. As an independent, small family business, they pour their heart and soul into producing a quality product and designing inviting spaces. They are excited to earn your patronage and share their passion for cider with you.

Jason and Katie's favorite thing to sell: "It’s hard to pick a favorite, the weather and our moods generally dictate what ciders we choose to drink."

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