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She's Divine Cuisine Presents D'Nique's Delights

Nothing short of divine

She's Divine Cuisine is a multifaceted meal preparation company dedicated to delivering restaurant quality meals and desserts right to your family's table. Their mission is to give you back valuable quality time while satisfying your taste buds with a wide range of menu options from various ethnic groups. From delectable curries and mouthwatering pastas to sizzling salads, wraps, cheesecakes, cobblers, pound cakes, and more, their daily rotating menus are filled with beloved childhood favorites and unique culinary delights. Since 2015, they have been serving our clients with integrity, faith, and exceptional service, ensuring that each dining experience with them is nothing short of divine.

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Meet Diahann Thomas (Chef Divine), a passionate personal chef based in Atlanta. In 2015, she left the corporate world and discovered her true calling while volunteering across Atlanta. Inspired by the opportunity to give without expectations, Diahann ventured into the entrepreneurial space with a mission to change the dynamics of women feeling like "superwomen" at home. She focused on alleviating the dinner-time burden for families by providing her cooking expertise and expanding her services from there. With an eye for food beauty and a genuine love for her craft, Diahann carefully targeted her audience, catering to their needs and desires.

Joining her on this culinary journey is Dominque Williams (Chef Nique), a talented self-taught personal chef hailing from Muskegon. With a decade of experience in the industry, Dominque, the younger sister of Diahann, combines her passion for art and food to create memorable dining experiences. What began as a love for nourishing her own family transformed into a daily pursuit of culinary excellence. As a personal and pastry chef, Dominque specializes in a diverse range of cuisines and delightful desserts.

Together, this dynamic sister duo, known as She's Divine Cuisine presents D'Nique's Delights. With a menu crafted to satisfy the desires of their cherished clientele, including childhood favorites and unique culinary creations, their business has flourished since its inception in 2015. In 2021, they envisioned expanding their divine experience to their hometown, taking advantage of Muskegon's thriving atmosphere and introducing new flavors to the community. Upholding principles of exceptional service, integrity, and faith, Diahann and Dominque pride themselves on creating divine experiences with every interaction.

Diahann's favorite thing to sell: "The intimate experience that we offer our clients because we are able to customize to just them. If it had to be a menu item it would be anything Indian (curry, masala, etc…)"

Dominique's favorite thing to sell: "Cheesecakes and pastas (Italian) are my favorite. I love creativity and being able to put a spin on them."

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