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Test drive the chalet experience

The Western Market Pop-Up Chalets offer an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to showcase their products and services in a vibrant and bustling environment. These charming chalets can be rented for week-long periods during the summer, providing a temporary space for individuals to operate their businesses. Located in prime locations with high foot traffic, these chalets offer an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to engage with customers and promote their unique offerings. With their eye-catching designs and cozy interiors, the chalets create an inviting atmosphere that attracts visitors and encourages exploration. Whether you're a local artisan, a boutique owner, or a food vendor, these pop-up chalets offer a flexible and convenient solution to showcase your business and connect with a diverse customer base. Experience the excitement of operating your own business in the Western Market Pop-Up Chalets and seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression on both locals and tourists alike.

Why should you apply?

1. Prime Downtown Location: Situated in the bustling heart of Downtown Muskegon, guaranteeing high visibility and exposure to a diverse range of visitors.


2. Flexible Rental Options: We understand the importance of accommodating your business needs. That's why our Pop-Up Chalets are available for weekly rentals starting on Tuesday and going through Sunday.

3. Community Connection: By joining our Pop-Up Chalets, you become part of the vibrant Downtown Muskegon community. Network with fellow entrepreneurs, share insights, and create lasting relationships that can elevate your business to new heights.

4. Enhanced Shopping Experience: Our Pop-Up Chalets create an immersive shopping experience that goes beyond traditional retail spaces. Take advantage of the chalet's unique charm and showcase your products in a cozy, inviting atmosphere that resonates with customers.

5. Exposure and Promotion: Western Market is a hub of activity, attracting locals and tourists alike. By participating in our Pop-Up Chalets, you gain valuable exposure and benefit from our marketing efforts to promote the market as a whole.

How does this work?

STEP 1: Apply here and get accepted. 

STEP 2: Select your week(s). There are two chalets available to rent on a week-long basis all season.

STEP 3: Pick up your keys. You can pick up the keys on Tuesday at 11:00 am and they must be returned by the following Monday at 5:00 pm. 

STEP 4: Get set up. Vendors will have to provide all of their own tables, chairs, displays, etc. 

STEP 5: Open for business. You are required to be open on Saturday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm at a minimum. You can choose to be open more than the minimum required hours. 

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