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Pizza Parliament 

Pushing culinary boundaries

MELT Gourmet Sandwiches is a culinary gem that thrives on the exploration of diverse flavor profiles, all ingeniously crafted into delectable sandwiches. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of culinary trends, MELT continually introduces seasonal and trending flavors into their menu development. What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to the art of sandwich-making. Each masterpiece begins with artisan sourdough, freshly baked weekly by the esteemed Grand Finale in Grand Haven. Every month, a carefully curated menu emerges, supplemented by weekly featured sandwiches that showcase the best of seasonal ingredients. Embracing their roots, they proudly offer Great Lakes Potato Chips and Faygo pop, both beloved Michigan products. Sandwiches, with their versatility, serve as the perfect canvas for any type of cuisine, allowing for a harmonious fusion of sweet and savory flavors. With a collective restaurant experience of over 30 years, MELT has been captivating taste buds for one remarkable year. Their creations provide a truly unique flavor experience, prompting exclamations like "I would have never thought that would work together" or "I would never put these flavors together on my own." MELT consistently encourages their guests to venture beyond their flavor boundaries in an approachable way - through the humble yet extraordinary medium of a sandwich.

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Anthony and Rachael, the passionate owners of MELT Gourmet Sandwiches, bring together a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry, totaling nearly 30 years. Anthony's culinary journey has taken him through various kitchens, allowing him to gather a diverse range of techniques and flavors along the way. Rachael, on the other hand, holds a bachelor's degree in food and beverage management and boasts extensive front-of-house experience. Together, they share an unwavering enthusiasm for food and an innate ability to combine flavors that might seem unconventional to others. Anthony leads the bustling kitchen with his culinary expertise, while Rachael expertly manages the operations side of the business. In choosing the chalet as their establishment's location, they found it to be the most cost-effective option, strategically positioned in downtown on the main strip, ensuring convenient accessibility for their valued customers.

Anthony and Rachael's favorite thing to sell: "Our favorite thing we sell is the sandwiches that push the boundaries and involve a flavor experience. We really enjoy having changed someone's flavor perspective and opening their minds to different combinations."

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