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NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery.

Gluten-free bakery, quality ingredients

NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery at Western Market is a haven for gluten-free delights. They specialize in offering a wide array of gluten-free pastries and chocolate confections, ensuring that every customer can indulge without worry. Using only the finest ingredients, such as organic cane sugar, fresh vanilla beans, and locally sourced produce from the farmers market, they are committed to creating products of exceptional quality. From pastries, cookies, and bread to granola, hand-painted chocolate bonbons, toffee, brownies, local honey, and maple syrup, their menu satisfies a variety of cravings. With a keen focus on taste and texture, they strive to make their gluten-free creations rival and surpass their gluten-containing counterparts. In their fifth year of business, they continue to amaze customers with their delectable treats and constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of gluten-free baking. Additionally, they offer custom cakes for various food allergens, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a special treat on their birthday.

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Addy, the owner of NOVA Super.Natural.Bakery, is a talented individual with a diverse background in nutrition and pastry arts. Alongside her role as a chef instructor at the Culinary Institute of Michigan-Muskegon, she pours her expertise and passion into creating delectable gluten-free treats. With a supportive and loving family, including her husband Justin, children Leo and Nora, and their adorable golden doodle Penny Lane, Addy enjoys spending quality time together, whether it's relaxing on the beach, attending live music events, or exploring the culinary delights of the town. Driven by the desire to cater to the growing population following a gluten-free diet, Addy's ultimate goal is to craft products that not only taste as good as their gluten-containing counterparts but exceed them in flavor and quality.

Addy's favorite thing to sell: "Chocolates. They look like jewels and can have infinite types of filling!"

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