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Muskegon Inspired

Unique gifts, jewelry, and souvenirs

The Muskegon Inspired chalet at Western Market is a unique store in west Michigan that serves as a charming gift and souvenir shop. With a focus on providing items that are a step above the ordinary, this store offers custom laser-printed maps, high-quality jewelry including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, as well as journals, t-shirts, and novelty signs and items. Having been in business for seven years, Muskegon Inspired prides itself on its visually stunning and appealing displays, offering a wide variety of products to cater to every customer's taste. Whether one seeks affordable and simple items or something more unique and high-quality, this store aims to have something that speaks to everyone. With a recent full remodel, the shop promises a fresh and exciting experience, showcasing a plethora of new and interesting products.

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Michael is a multi-talented individual who not only excels as a business owner but also as a writer and disabled athlete. Engaging in various competitions and sports, such as basketball, track, and surfing, he embodies a resilient spirit and a passion for pushing boundaries. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, Michael gained valuable experience managing gift stores for others, honing his skills and knowledge in the industry. When the opportunity arose, he eagerly embraced the chance to run his own business, combining his love for unique gifts and his expertise in management to create a fulfilling and successful venture.

Michael's favorite thing to sell: "At the moment I'm really excited about the maps we have that work as really cool and unique art pieces. I really haven't seen anything like them around here before."

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