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Stylish, local, diverse

Modish is a vibrant boutique offering a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories for both men and women. With an impressive selection of brand-name garments, Modish caters to the stylish needs of its customers. The store proudly showcases various jewelry brands made in Michigan, adding a local touch to their collection. Additionally, Modish stands out with its assortment of unique and enjoyable t-shirts produced in Michigan, allowing customers to embrace their individuality. For those seeking sustainable and eco-friendly choices, Modish presents Toad and Co clothing options for both men and women, as well as Fair Harbor clothing for men. Women can also explore the trendy and chic clothing line from Roxy. Recognizing the scarcity of men's clothing stores in the area, Modish has successfully filled that gap by offering a remarkable selection of menswear for the past three years. In addition to clothing and accessories, Modish prides itself on curating an array of distinctive gifts suitable for both genders. With its diverse offerings and commitment to meeting customers' fashion needs, Modish has become a go-to destination for all fashion enthusiasts in the area.

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Stephanie is a dedicated and driven individual who has successfully managed both her full-time job and her passion for fashion. Balancing a demanding schedule, she has devoted the past three years to running the chalet while pursuing her dream of owning a clothing store. Stephanie's relentless work ethic and determination have enabled her to seize the opportunity and turn her aspiration into a reality. Recognizing the lack of men's clothing options in the area, she took the initiative to cater specifically to this market, filling a void in the local fashion scene. Despite her busy professional life, Stephanie cherishes her free time and cherishes moments spent with her family. Her unwavering commitment, combined with her love for fashion, has made Stephanie a trailblazer in the industry, providing an exceptional shopping experience for both men and women in the area.

Stephanie's favorite thing to sell: "Locally made jewelry and t shirts. I think it’s important to support local and I try to get as much locally made brands as possible."

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