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Sustainable Fashion, One Stitch at a Time

Metamade is a small business offering upcycled, hand made apparel and accessories.  These pieces are transformed from vintage and discarded textiles that I rescue, collect and curate seasonally.  

I believe our possessions hold stories about who we are, where we’ve lived and the experiences we’ve had.  I enjoy finding these unique treasures, seeing their potential and giving them second life as items our families will treasure now and in years to come.    

To increase the wearability of garments that already exist, we plan to launch mending and other custom services later this summer.  

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"Hi, I’m Stacy - passionate about sustainability with an appreciation for all things old.  I come from a long line of sewists and quilters, it’s in my blood.  My mom taught me to sew when I was 8 years old and I fell madly in love with the concept of taking a flat piece of fabric and creating a dimensional object from it.   

Over the years, I had drifted away from sewing, only to return in recent years and find it to be the therapeutic, meditative outlet I’d been looking for.  It’s been a long time dream to open a brick and mortar / studio space to connect with the community and fellow creatives who are passionate about art, craft, small business and all the treasures along the way."

Stacey's favorite thing to sell: "My personal favorite piece is our patchwork belt bag.  Made from upcycled quilt tops, each one is unique in style, design and color.  I enjoy giving new life to these tucked away treasures and hope you enjoy them too!"

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