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Marge's Outstanding Meat & Snacks

Michigan-made delights for snacking enthusiasts

Marge's Outstanding Meat and Snacks (MOMS) is the ultimate destination for those in search of a delightful selection of treats to accompany their post-work grazing board, beachside adventures, campfire gatherings, boating trips, or patio happy hours. With a wide array of snacking meats, cheese, crackers, and sweet treats, MOMS offers everything you need for a memorable beach day, cozy campfire evening, or an elegant charcuterie spread. But that's not all - at MOMS, you can also find Bloody Mary mixes, serving ware, and unique small gifts perfect for happy hour gatherings. As a women-owned retail shop, they take pride in selling predominantly Michigan-made snacking supplies and locally crafted serving ware. Celebrating their third year at Western Market, MOMS is a true gem that showcases the best of Michigan, local products, and women-owned businesses. Their offerings include a delectable range of items such as beef, turkey, and wild game jerky, various snacking meats, bratwurst, frankfurters, farm-fresh bacon, smoked fish, Michigan cheeses, wooden serving ware, cocktail mixers, and more. When it comes to satisfying your snacking desires, MOMS is the place to be.

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Meet Marge, the passionate owner of MOMS (Marge's Outstanding Meat and Snacks). With a background as a long-time foodservice salesperson, Marge decided to reinvent her career after the challenges posed by Covid. Combining her love for snacks with her enjoyment of connecting with people, she embarked on a new venture and opened her own retail shop. With over 30 years of experience, including three at Western Market, Marge's ultimate goal was always to own a small business. Now, at MOM's, she takes joy in engaging with customers, understanding their preferences, and offering them the perfect snacking items based on their wants and needs. Marge's dedication and enthusiasm shine through in every aspect of her shop, creating a welcoming environment for snack enthusiasts to explore and indulge. She recently opened a second location in Lakeside.

Marge's favorite thing to sell: "Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky"

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