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Soap Dude Cosmetics

Organic, vegan, locally made cosmetics.

Soap Dude Cosmetics, a local business that had been thriving for six years, prided itself on offering a wide range of high-quality, organic, and vegan products. From soap and body butters to beard products and laundry soap, their diverse selection catered to various personal care needs. With a commitment to using only natural colors and fragrances derived from essential oils, they ensured that their products were both visually appealing and infused with delightful scents. Every item was carefully crafted in small batches, maintaining the utmost attention to detail and quality. Soap Dude Cosmetics had embarked on this journey to provide their friends and family, as well as their valued customers, with the finest cosmetics available.

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Josh, the owner of Soap Dude Cosmetics, is a devoted father to three energetic boys. When he's not immersed in the world of cosmetics, he loves spending quality time with his family, engaging in activities such as fishing, biking, and swimming. Motivated by a desire to provide his loved ones with the best possible products, Josh embarked on the journey of selling cosmetics. Along the way, he wondered if others would appreciate and enjoy their products as much as he and his family did.

 Josh's favorite thing to sell: "Lavender Lotion Bar."

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