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Abilities Unleashed

Empowering Lives Through Handmade Art

Welcome to Abilities Unleashed, a division of Preferred Employment & Living Supports. We empower individuals facing employment and life barriers to achieve higher quality and more independent lives through creativity. Our shop features handmade items crafted by participants in our programs, showcasing their talent and dedication.

Additionally, we proudly feature wearable art by Marushka from Grand Haven, adding a unique flair to our collection. By supporting Abilities Unleashed, you help sustain our programs and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Explore our collection and discover the stories behind each creation.

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Abilities Unleashed is proudly owned by Eric Seifert and Samantha Scott, both of Muskegon.

Favorite Thing to Sell:

"While we feature many stunning Marushka products, our highlights are the items created by individuals in our programs. These include:

  • Homemade fire starters

  • Dog biscuits

  • Variations of wood ornaments

  • Bookmarks

  • Coasters

  • Games "

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