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Blue Pineapple Café

Island-infused treats and unique gifts

Blue Pineapple Café at Western Market is a family-owned, local, veteran, and women-owned small business. They take great pride in offering a delightful experience to their customers. Known for their mouthwatering home-baked goods, island-infused treats, and an impressive selection of unique gift shop items, Blue Pineapple Café is a true gem. Their island-infused baked goods boast tropical flavors that are sure to transport you to paradise. From grab-and-go snacks to dipped fruits, sunhats, aprons, and an assortment of Michigan products like salsas, pretzels, honeys, and jams, this café has something for everyone. Blue Pineapple Café aims to contribute to the cultural community and diversity of options at Western Market. Now in their second year, they continue to offer unique flavors and healthier baked goods, using local products and minimal ingredients. In addition, they proudly support other local small businesses by featuring unique gifts from the islands. Pay a visit to Blue Pineapple Café and embark on a delightful culinary journey that will satisfy your taste buds while supporting the community.

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Meet Rysa, the visionary owner of Blue Pineapple Cafe. As an island girl, born and raised in Hawaii, and having served in the Coast Guard, Rysa brings a unique blend of experiences and flavors to the vibrant community of Michigan. Alongside her loving family of four children, Rysa has settled in Michigan, where they have found a deep appreciation for the local community. With a passion for sharing their island roots and culture, Rysa and her family embarked on a mission to bring the tropical flavors they love to the community. Transitioning from the farmer's market to their own space at Western Market, Rysa aims to contribute to the cultural community and diversity of options while creating a welcoming space for all who crave a taste of paradise.

Rysa's favorite thing to sell: "Chocolate Dipped Pineapple"

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